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Design / Build
Keystone Builders will sit down with you and develop plans that meet your every need. We can modify your existing plans to accommodate changes or provide something from scratch that more than meets your expectations. The simple fact that everything is done under one roof makes the process more efficient. Adding an additional window doesn't throw us. Eliminating a window -- no big deal. The details that some builders won't even discuss are important to you. They are important to the finished product that you will be living in for years to come. Keystone listens and will be attentive to your concerns. There is no third party to go through. We'll take care of it. Give us a try with the ideas that you have. Show us the picture you found that shows what you are trying to duplicate. You'll be happy with the results we can achieve together.
Custom Home Builders
No two Keystone Builders homes are alike. There is no “cookie cutter” pattern, so your custom home is unlike anyone else’s. Take a few moments to view the “Photo Gallery” section of this website to see some of our more recent homes. This is our specialty, and customer comments can confirm our commitment to quality. Over the years, Keystone has been able to devote its resources to the construction of some exquisitely fine homes -- homes that you don't find on just any corner. If you have property, or even if you are looking to acquire some, you should be talking to Keystone about taking your ideas to the next level.
Let Keystone Builders design and build an addition that blends seamlessly with your existing home. Rooflines, windows, siding and style in general will make your new room look like it was always an integral part of your house. From significant remodeling projects that double the size of your living space to multi-story additions, Keystone will design what is appropriate for you. We are value driven and with this realization front and center, we will develop the project along with you so that it becomes a reality and not just a dream.

It is true that oftentimes we love our house and the location of our current home. Rather than sell, contact Keystone Builders to explore how best to add the extra space you require. There's probably a creative solution that will more than fulfill your needs.
Excavation / Foundation / Landscape Design and Implementation
Keystone Builders has added our full line of excavating services as a natural extension of our design/build capabilities. We have concrete forms that can complete your foundation with no down time. Our grading/landscaping services also include asphalt paving so there is no excuse for keeping that worn-out driveway that no longer works. From drainage to culverts, from retaining walls to paver walkways, Keystone can take care of your landscaping needs all at one stop.
Commercial / Professional Projects
Keystone Builders has completed many fine commercial buildings for members of our community. Some of these projects include a dentist’s office, two insurance buildings, a new professional chiropractic office, the corner coffee shop and, of course, our own newly-opened professional office suite. Keystone is a vital participant that has shaped the face of our community over the years. Because we stand behind the quality of our work, Keystone is the logical choice when looking for a professional builder.